SADD Health Fair: “What’s in it for you?”

Posted on November 21, 2011


“…an addiction is an addiction– and it all hurts us the same.”- Courtney Hines

It’s your freshman year in college, and you’ve just received a full ride for something you’ve been practicing for your whole life. Suddenly, your priorities change and you end up at a party, having “the time of your life.” One thing leads to another and you end up dropping out of college and having “the time of your life” living on the streets for eight years.

Substance Poster on display at the CHS Sadd Health and Wellness Fair

Amy, a recovered substance-abuser, talked about her recovery from addiction and how the disease led her to a life on the streets at the CHS SADD Health and Wellness Fair this past Friday, November 18th.

Walking into the library, the first thing that caught your eye was the sea of red.  Senior Hunter Sutton stated that he was active in SADD to inform teens of drug and alcohol abuse. “I’ve seen what alcohol and drugs does to families,” he said. “And it destroys them.”

Out of the many attractions at the fair, TRU, which stands for ‘Tobacco Reality Unfiltered’, appeared to be one of the main interest points. Andrea Swayne, an educator of health and wellness, talked about the different chemicals in tobacco smoke. She informed her audience that things such as formaldehyde, which is used to preserve dead animals and humans, and stearic acid, which is also found in feces, are only two of the over 7,000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

Some believe that tobacco is not a harmful substance, though studies show that addiction for smoking is higher than addiction rates for marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine.

Amy’s dependence began with cigarettes, which later lead to her addiction to pill popping, alcohol, and marijuana. Now that she has been clean for several years, she works for the recovery community out of Carteret County telling adolescents her story. As we reflect the information provided by the numerous professionals at the health fair, and we think about Amy’s story, we are left with one question: “What’s in it for you?”

Reported by Courtney Hines and Rachel Brazda