Where Are Our Seniors Headed?

Posted on November 30, 2011



Results of a Poll of Croatan's Seniors

High school seniors every year face an obstacle in the progression of their lives, a question often posed by the end of their Junior year: “Where do I want to go to college?” That is, of course, if they even can or want to take that next collegiate step. Jarrod Ewing, an aspiring naval sailor, commented “it’s not that I can’t go to college, I would just rather go into the Navy. It’s the path my father and sister took, and it’s the path I intend to take.”

A poll of Croatan students showed that a vast majority answered “yes” asked if they were going to attend college, with the most popular choice being NC State, standing at a fourteen percent majority. However, students who chose community college were also very common, ebbing out individual colleges as the “most popular” destination. East Carolina, UNC Chapel Hill, and UNC Wilmington were also among the top choices for the seniors.
Generally, students with a lower-middle class economic standing responded to the survey saying they plan to attend community college either exclusively or before transferring to a four-year college. Seventeen percent of students that took the survey reported that they are to attend community college. Only two students reported that they intend to enter in the military, which is very surprising in such a strong and prominent military community.
Overall, the seniors of Croatan High School revealed their intentions and aspirations to attend colleges not only around the state, but around the country as well. These results don’t come as much of a surprise from a school ranked within the top ten high schools in the state. However, it is interesting to note the choices, from Campbell to Culinary, from Pipperdine to Pitt, and from Wake Tech to Texas A&M. Whatever the choice may be, it’s obvious that the goals and aspirations for these seniors are high.

Reported by: Rachel Brazda, Kelsey Hernandez, Ian Siepker

Latifa Salim - East Carolina University - Latifa Salim said the reason she will choose ECU is because, "I want to get the full college experience and be with my sisters."

Kylie Wright - University of Florida - "It's a good out of state school that has a really good English department. I want to follow in the footsteps of my idol, Erin Andrews, who also graduated from UF."

Kayeleigh Hardy - NCSU - Kayeleigh wants to go to NC State and when asked why, she said, "I've been working hard since freshman year to go to a four year university."

Eric Snyder - Community College - Eric will choose to go to a community college first, "Because it's cheap and I can afford it."

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