A Day Spent at Croatan

Posted on December 1, 2011


The average Croatan student is similar in many ways to students across the country. We all watch a little TV, spend some time on the computer, spend maybe an hour on homework and we all sleep.

A survey was given to fifty Croatan students to discover how the typical Cougar spends his or her time.  It was found that men at our school sleep more hours in the day than women, with men sleeping 8.1 hours a day, and women only sleeping 6.3.  This confirms data on a national level with men sleeping an average of 9.7 hours a day and women only sleeping 9.3.

The data also revealed that people with higher GPA’s spend more time engaging in physical activity. They  play for school sports teams and generally are more involved in school activities; they also spend more time on the computer doing school work. Students with jobs have less time spent in all other fields,  but still manage to keep a high GPA, and students that don’t have jobs and don’t spend as much time doing homework or watching TV naturally have more time to sleep.   In general TV is not a popular media outlet for CHS students,  with many Cougars only spending an hour on TV a day, while TV is the main source of entertainment to the rest of the nation with time spent watching TV amounting to 3 hours.   This discrepancy could be because of our location on the beach, providing us with an abundance of options for physical activity, or it could be more of a generational issue with people in older age groups still watching TV while the younger age groups start to explore other media outlets like the internet.

There are also statistics that seem to be specific to our location. The Croatan students surveyed held a higher GPA than schools nationwide with Croatan students holding an average GPA of 3.29 and the national average being 3.27.

Information for national numbers found at: http://www.bls.gov/home.htm

How Males at Croatan spend their hours of everyday

How daily activities affect Males GPA

How Females at Croatan spend their hours of the day

How daily activities affect Females GPA

Reported by Brendan Buffington, Greg Braun, Andrew Turner

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