Are Boys More Stressed Than Girls?

Posted on December 1, 2011


Results of a survey given to 50 CHS students.

Stress for anyone seems uncontrollable, but to teens it sometimes can get out of hand. Teens have many stressful situations such as drama, grades, college applications, and relationships in their everyday lives. Students at Croatan have agreed that high school is a very stressful environment, but many wonder what the most stressful thing is that teen’s face.

Previous nationwide studies have shown that girls are more likely to deal with stress than boys are, and also seek help more often than boys. Boys usually ignore stress and find a distraction to keep their mind off the situation(s). At Croatan, these studies have been proven wrong. Random Croatan students took a survey on what they are stressed about and the data proved that boys are actually more stressed then girls are!

Students have multiple causes of stress, but one of the highest was body image. Girls ranked it as a 2.5 on a scale of 1 to 5; 5 being the most stressful, and boys ranked it overall as a 3. In high school everyone wants to look the best, be the most popular, and have the highest GPA; almost as if high school was a big competition. Many girls get too stressed out about how they look and how thin they are, and teenage boys are constantly working out at the gym trying to get the nicest six pack and the biggest biceps. This causes a lot of stress for almost all teens, and it can cause problems in their every day life if they are constantly stressed about how they look.

Another huge cause of stress is grades. Almost every teenager wants to acceptable grades to be able to get into college. Many students at Croatan take honors and AP classes and have hours of homework every night. Everyone wants to please their parents with an awesome report card to get praised for their accomplishments. Croatan is a very tough school, and many students strive to keep their grades as high as they possibly can. Based on the survey mentioned earlier, girls ranked grades as 5 on the stress o’ meter, and boys ranked it with a 3.5.

Croatan students said that parent divorce is another cause of stress as well. It’s very stressful for teenagers to see their parents split up. Teens often blame the divorce on themselves, adding on the stress. Divorces cause teens’ lives to turn upside down in a mere day, when they have to begin their new lives. In America, divorce is becoming more common in society, which is causing many teens to suffer from stressing about it.

For teenagers, there are several causes of stress in their lives such as body image, drama, and grades. These stressors add up, and sometimes are hard to bear. Students should learn how to balance the pressures surrounding their everyday lives, and manage them well. When teens get too stressed, it should be recognized, and redirected to another source such as playing sports or listening to music.

Reported by Alexis Skiba, Nicole Hebert, Kayeleigh Hardy, Tanner Simon

Ben Skiba- Freshman- 14 "Math isn't exactly my best subject, and it stresses me out a lot because it is hard to keep grades up with having wrestling every day."

Molly Ellmo- Sophomore- 15 "I'm somewhat stressed out about school, with my AP classes."

Zack Ragsdale- Senior- 17- "Out of all of these stresses this one affects your life the most, it's something that is out of your control. It can drastically change your outlook on life."

Kyle Hopewell- Junior- 16 "I'd say that I don't stress out too much; I'm mostly laid back."

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