All I Want For Christmas

Posted on December 4, 2011


     Every child deserves to wake up Christmas morning to at least one new Christmas present with a big red bow under a tree.   Some people don’t realize how many children will wake up to nothing.   Luckily, a  program has been started to make sure no child is left without a gift.

Little girl with present

    “All I want for Christmas” is an annual fundraising organization to help out the local Salvation Army Angel Tree program. The Daily News is working to help the Angel Tree program by bringing the “All I want for Christmas” fundraiser to you.

    Thinking about how you can get in on helping out?  Just go to the Jacksonville Daily News website and click on “adopt a child.”  At the bottom of the page is a link that will send you to a list of kids. This list gives you the name, gender, and age of a child in need.  Pick a child and a list of two needs and two wants pop up. Along with those needs and wants is a short explanation of why this child needs help.
Don’t have a lot of time to go shopping?  You can also help by donating five dollars or more.  Pick as many children as you want to help out. The ages range from newborn to fourteen years old. Big or small they all deserve a present on Christmas.
Just think of how it would feel to wake up to nothing under the tree. These kids will lose their Christmas spirit and never have the joy of believing in Santa Claus. Spending five to ten dollars on a child would be better than nothing. Think about it:  nobody deserves to wake up to nothing.

Reported by Tiffany Johnson

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