NBA lockout lets everyone back in!

Posted on December 4, 2011


An NBA “lockout” is when teams cannot play, be traded, signed or contacted. The NBA had their fourth on July 1, 2011 due to a conflict of salary between the players and the owners. After 149 days without basketball, the conflict was settled.

NBA lockout hurt many, including players and coaches.

The owners claim that they lost millions during the lockout, but the players believe that they lost more out of the deal. Over the next ten years, players will be losing about $3 billion dollars.

While the owners and players mourn over their loss, fans, business owners, and employees working in the arena do the same.

Games will also be delayed until December 25, 2011. Also, instead of playing a normal total of 83-games, this season will only have 66-games.

Although many players are upset about the two week delay, most are just relieved the season will begin. Arron Afflalo, player for the Denver Nuggets, tweeted, “Life goes on.”

Reported by Gabrielle Hill
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