A Day in the Life of a Ginger

Posted on December 5, 2011


Out of all of the people roaming the Earth, only two percent are considered the “red-headed step-child.”

“Supposedly,” stated sophomore Molly Ellmo, “when we [gingers] were born, the devil took our souls and left us with a fire head, translating into red hair.” 

Molly Ellmo, Mitchell Melkonian, and Drew Murray


Being a ginger is a rarity- and not far behind an oddity is a dumb joke tagging along.

One of the infamous jokes that gingers often receive is that they would rather hide under a rock than expose themselves to sunlight.

Seniors Mitchell Melkonian and Drew Murray agreed that “the sun and [we] are enemies” and Molly verified that this myth is actually a true statement for she, too, gets sunburned very easily.

We’ve all heard the other legendary questions associated with being a ginger, and they may have even escaped our own mouths from time to time.

“Are you a witch?” “You are a red-headed step-child.” “Are you from Ireland?” “Wait ten seconds, and the ginger’s mood will change.” And last but not least-the most notorious, “gingers have no souls.”

“I remember when I was in first grade,” replied Molly, “and someone said I was ugly for my hair. Then one kid said I didn’t have a soul.”

Even though jokes are often made, the gingers interviewed all agreed that they were used to it and it didn’t affect them much anymore.

“It doesn’t bother me when people make fun of me for my hair because I know they’re just joking,” said Drew.

Mitchell, Drew, and Molly all confirmed that they loved their red hair because it makes them “out of the ordinary and unique.”

Lastly, the three were asked if they would ever dye their hair, and while Molly stated that she wanted to, her mom wouldn’t let her.

Drew replied, “No! I love my hair.”
And Mitchell, with his amazing sense of humor said, “Only when it turns gray, duh!”

However, being a ginger-Molly will surely soon fall in love with her red hair and declare herself a mermaid, while Drew will begin to fall out of love with hers wishing it were different, and Mitchell’s sense of humor will turn into a scowling frown before you know it…because it’s been over ten seconds, right?


Reported by Courtney Hines