Black Friday Frenzy

Posted on December 5, 2011


Lines out the door in every store, sales everywhere, shoppers running rampant through the aisles trying to find the best buys. I think everyone knows what day this is: it’s Black Friday.

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday  is the day after Thanksgiving. Many stores have huge sales that pull people in to buy their products. Although it can be a dangerous day in some places, it does benefit our economy. Some shop at malls and others just buy at Wal-Mart or Best Buy. Wherever you shop, you are sure to get great deals.
This year’s total spending, including online sales, reached an estimated $52.4 billion Thursday through Sunday. Wal-Mart made the most money out of any store.
So how did Black Friday get started?  The day’s name originated in Philadelphia, where it was originally used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would always occur on the day after Thanksgiving.
Many people are gung-ho about Black Friday but then there are some that despise it. “The headline popped up on my screen, urgently offering ‘Five reasons to skip Black Friday.’ I must be advanced, because I only need one: The whole thing is crazy” says Ben Bromly, from News Republic.
In Los Angeles a woman sprayed pepper spray at twenty people so that she could get the discounted xbox. Many were injured from this event and the crazy lady ended up getting escorted out by the cops.
These types of situations happen very often every year on Black Friday, but that doesn’t stop the shoppers. Statistics show that on average each shopper spent about five-hundred dollars this Black Friday.
Black Friday started earlier this year then it has in the past. Many stores opened on Thanksgiving. This enabled them to make more money then they have before.
Wal-Mart sold the Nintendo Wii for only one-hundred dollars. Many people camped outside so they would be one of the first to get this outstanding deal. At first Wal-Mart thought this sale would be a huge profit because of the immense amount of Wii’s they were selling, but they were proven wrong, Wal-Mart actually lost money on the Wii’s. Wal-Mart was very disappointed but the buyers were ecstatic about the awesome deal they received.
As one can see, many people have mixed emotions about Black Friday. Some are obsessed about it and others despise this day. Even though it may be somewhat dangerous, Black Friday still does benefit our economy and benefits our buyers immensely because of all the great deals they receive.
Reported by: Alexis Skiba
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