Music for this Weekend: Rihanna talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk

Posted on December 5, 2011


The Barbadian princess Rihanna is back with her sixth album, and with Talk that Talk, she’s filthier than ever. Kicking off with the catchy “You Da One” and ending with the cheesy breakup track “Farewell,” it looks like Rihanna is relying more and more on her top-notch producers than actual talent to sell herself. 

Rihanna loses her class.

Talk that Talk is the messiest album Rihanna has released in her nearly decade-long career. A mixture of cliché club jams and overdramatic ballads, it doesn’t work nearly as well as her previously successful releases like “Loud,” “Rated R,” and “Good Girl Gone Bad,” which are all brilliant in retrospect. The main problem with this new album is that Rihanna spends way too much time being a harlot and singing about NC-17 material rather than truly showing off her vocal skills. It’s almost easy to forget why she became a star in the first place, because listening to the majority of this new set of music, she sounds like nothing more than a hyper-sexual seductress who just happened to have a string of radio hits.

Perhaps the most defining moment of Talk that Talk is the song “Cockiness,” where Rihanna delivers some of the most shockingly vulgar lyrics of her career to date. The song is extremely annoying and repetitive; yet, it’s sure to be embraced by Rihanna’s legions of fans, who seem to love it when their queen sounds like a prostitute. The following track, “Birthday Cake,” is nothing more than one minute and forty seven seconds of Rihanna singing in an unnecessarily breathy voice about various sexual activities she wishes to partake in on her special day. One of the only times on the album where RiRi actually shows some soul is on “We All Want Love,” a beautiful call to peace for everyone who has ever been bullied or ever felt like they weren’t good enough.

Heather Bronson, a music major currently attending Tische School of the Arts in New York City, says that this album is simply more proof that Rihanna is “overrated” and “a disgrace to the music industry.” “She is sending a terrible message to her teen fans, and I’m really sick of turning on the radio and hearing about S&M all the time,” she says. “It would be different if her songs were just sexual, but no, her songs are out-right disgusting. I don’t know why she made the decision to do this to her image.”

Whether or not the public will have a warm reaction to Talk that Talk is a question yet to be answered, but no matter what, Rihanna is sure to still come out on top…despite the fact that she has now downgraded herself as far as one can possibly go.


Album Rating: 4/10


Tracks to Download:

“We Found Love”

“Where Have You Been”

“We All Want Love”

“Watch n Learn”

Reported by Logan Haithcock