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Posted on December 6, 2011


2012 elections are on their way!

With the 2012 elections on their way, people are starting to think about the candidates who are currently gathering supporters, getting campaign contributions and debating with their rivals. The race is essentially narrowing down to which Republican candidate is going to run against president Barack Obama.  But is Obama even the best Democrat to run?  Many say that Obama let them down. They say that he wasn’t the president that he said he would be. They  say that he broke promises made to us. And in some ways, he did. I wasn’t old enough to really follow the 08 elections. I was a child. I didn’t care who lost or who won as long as the world would still be there tomorrow. But over Obama’s term as president I grew up. I changed, as everyone does, as everything does. My vote is currently with Obama. And while he didn’t fulfill all the promises he made, like shifting the nation away from fossil fuels and into renewable energy sources, I accept that not everything can change as fast as I did. Some things that have been in place for a long time require a long time to change, and I accept that politics is always more complicated than it appears. Given that it appears complicated to begin with, that says a lot about the choices and responsibilities that come with being the president, though what happened with Obama’s presidency was not as ambiguous as the mental and emotional repercussions of every choice made at that level of power. It was simply a mechanism of the government. Obama ran as a democrat and was elected as a democrat. But not long after, the Congress became largely Republican. Any bills that the president writes must be approved by Congress with a vote before they get passed. Here is where the Obama presidency fell flat. Any bills written by the president didn’t make it past Congress. Instead, he had to create these “compromises” with the largely Republican house. These “compromises” helped. While they did more to satisfy Republican interests they weren’t completely useless to the rest of us. The somewhat controversial stimulus package did create jobs, but not nearly as much as we needed and job creation. While this is an important part of the economy, it is not the only piece of this puzzle.  With the republican candidates still in heated race with each other it’s uncertain where Obama stands with the nation. Way back in 08 we wanted change, but what we failed to realize is that change on such a scale cannot be done by one man. Especially when he’s fighting against everything that wants to stay the same. We can still have the change we want, and the change we’ll ultimately need, but we’ll have to fight for it. Who better to lead us than the man that promised it to us what seems like so long ago, and who promises it to us yet again.

Reported by Brendan Buffington

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