Patriots back for more?

Posted on December 8, 2011


Carolina versus Duke, Michigan versus Michigan State, Kentucky versus Louisville…Croatan versus West Carteret. All of these are common rivals, and this Friday, the Croatan Cougars will play the Patriots at WCHS.

Junior Jacques Chambers lines up a 3 point shot at the first game between CHS and WCHS Photo credit: Carteret News- Times

After the game two weeks ago, the Cougars are feeling confident. The rivalry has been acknowledged since Croatan was built, and the Crazies and Militia will represent and support their teams to the best of their abilities.

At the last game between Croatan and West, the Cougars won 94-47, which was only the fourth victory in history. Jaques Chambers dunked twice, which was followed by an uproar in the Croatan Crazies section. Ashley Williams dunked, as well; and since then, Austin Saunders has dunked at the game against the Cardinals.

According to the Carteret News—Times, WCHS coach Craig McClanahan said, “Croatan hit a bunch of threes in the first half and then hit some in the second half as well. We just got shell-shocked. I won’t say that we gave up, but we didn’t bring the fight to them like we should have. But that is something we can correct. We need to play with tenacity and go harder.”

If McClanahan has motivated his team for Friday’s game, the Cougars may have a challenging win waiting for them.

While the boys glided up and down the court last week, the Croatan Crazies and Patriot Militia exchanged words. The intensity of the game was emphasized when the inappropriate chants were aimed towards the sexual behaviors of Croatan students. Luckily, the administration stopped the raucous before it’s too late. It will most likely be same for Friday, considering the behaviors have not changed in the past.

Erin Parrish, a member of the Croatan Crazies, said, “Rivalry is a good thing to have, it brings the school together for big games in all the sports and for the most part everyone has a good time. At the same time, it’s kind of crazy how big of a rivalry it is, and sometimes people get carried away when a lot of us have friends from West. During the game we hate them.” She laughed, and continued, “It’s fun and I enjoy going to the games having everyone support our teams, where they dress up and have a good time.”

The West Carteret versus Croatan basketball game is unlike any other game; even football, and soccer games. More people show up to encourage their team, while they try to top the other student section with their voices.

Cassie Morris, varsity cheerleading captain said, “It’s tradition to ‘out-do’ our ultimate rivals.  Ever since we were freshman, the Croatan vs. West games have been something to get hyped up about:  we see how the seniors acted and we are determined to even out-do them our senior year.  It isn’t logical, but overall it truly is enjoyable—especially when Croatan wins!”

The cheerleaders, fans, basketball players are not only anxious for the game, but also excited. Every year the student body from both high schools looks forward to the game.

Senior basketball player Austin Long said, “The West game is one of the most important games of the year, because it is a big bragging rights game. The team has a lot of confidence and expects to give them our best.”

Reported by Kayeleigh Hardy