T.I. out of jail and back on TV

Posted on December 10, 2011


T.I., also known as Clifford Harris, has had his share of highs and woes in recent years, including two stints in prison. The world knows him as an edgy rap star with a rap sheet to boot. But he also wants to convey that he is a loving father and devoted husband to Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. That aspect of Tip (one of his many nicknames) is the focal point of the new VH1 series, T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle. The series airs every Monday night; it will consist of ten 30-minute episodes.

T.I., his wife Tiny, and his six kids.


This new show is unlike his previous use of reality television as image manipulation, which was T.I.’s Road To Redemption in 2009 on MTV. In that show he intervened in the lives of troubled young people.  


Filming began before T.I. was released from prison; he appears in about one-third of the first episode, which focuses on Tiny’s preparations for his homecoming. She too has become a reality TV regular in recent years thanks to Tiny & Toya, which she filmed largely during an earlier prison stint of T.I.’s.  


Matthew Partin said, “He is an amazing rapper, but I don’t like that he gets in trouble all the time.” Although T.I. is known as an outstanding rapper, he is also known as a big trouble maker. The first time he went to prison was for carrying guns in his car; he got sentenced for a year. Then when he was released from that jail sentence and on probation, he got caught selling drugs and went back to jail for another ten months.


He may be a very good rapper, but sometimes he sets a bad example for the younger kids who listen to his music. He did his first show on Road to Redemption, where he helped kids veer away from drugs. Then immediately after that show went off air he went to jail for drugs. That is a poor example of a role model to me.


I think it is worth watching, mostly because he is a well known rapper. But maybe this will be the change he needed to stop getting in trouble with the law.  People don’t watch it just for entertainment.  Humans are nosy and just want to see what he does in his everyday life.

Perhaps this time he can complete the series before he gets in trouble with the law again.

Reported by Gregory Braun

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