Channel 7 on Xbox??

Posted on December 12, 2011


Having an Xbox 360 in the living room is now as common as having a refrigerator in the kitchen. The Xbox was originally designed by Microsoft for video game fanatics, but over time has grown into more than just a toy. With an Xbox 360 it is possible to access the internet, exercise, watch movies on Netflix, and much more. It might even replace the cable box.

Xbox 360 and Cable box competing for consumer's attention?

With over 30 million Xbox Live users, Microsoft has decided to partner with Comcasts and Verizon, two cable providers, to allow owners to watch television through their Xbox. Although there is no stable release date, Microsoft is determined to provide “TV entertainment to Xbox around the world” in the near future.

Satellite and Cable companies are worried that they might be replaced. With 30,985 complaints, it’s no surprise that they feel intimidated by the Xbox 360.

“I use my Xbox for everything: movies, games, etc.” says Johnise Brimmer, a Croatan student and faithful Xbox 360 owner.

Although Xbox owners use their console for almost everything, many agree that if they had the choice they would continue to use their satellite/cable company.

“If I had a choice, I would use cable,” says Logan Cantu, a Croatan student. “It’s less difficult to use. With Xbox you have to connect to the internet. It’s a process.”

Cable and satellite companies might not have anything to worry about at the moment, at least not with Croatan students.

Reported by Gabrielle Hill

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