“Jaq” of the Week

Posted on December 12, 2011


Jacques Chambers is running to the forefront of the Cougar basketball team, literally and metaphorically. The junior guard leads the team not only in scoring and rebounding, but in breakaway dunks as well.

JacQues warming up before a game

Chambers, a six foot four inch guard, has shown that his natural athleticism and hard work have been paying off in big ways. “I’m naturally athletic,” said Chambers, “but I work to improve myself.” Anybody that has seen Jacques play knows what he means. He uses his athletic build to rise above defenders for rebounds and for finishing at the basket. But he is also a player who uses his head. He has the ability to find the open man and make the right pass.

Jaq’s natural athleticism is evident on the defensive end of the court as well. He grabs steals, seemingly out of nowhere, with his impressive six foot nine inch wingspan. Jacques uses his basketball knowledge on the defensive end too. He knows when to jump a passing lane, and when to hold back. He knows when to guard a defender tightly, or when to give them a little room to avoid a foul.

His stats also reflect his abilities. Jacques is leading the team in scoring, averaging a ridiculous twenty-six. He’s averaging 10.3 rebounds per game, also leading the team. His standout game came against West Carteret on November twenty-ninth. Jacques scored twenty-nine points, grabbed nine rebounds, had two steals, and dished out one assist. Four of his points came off of two breakaway, rim-rocking, dunks.

Basketball is nothing new to Jaq though. He said he’s been playing since he was about four years old. “I was playing basketball on a Fisher-Price goal, and I’ve been playing ever since,” said Jacques. You can see basketball has become second nature to him. He just looks at home  on a basketball court.

Jacques’ ability to shoot the three may come from many hours of watching his favorite player, Ray Allen, light up defenders while playing for the Boston Celtics. Jaq nailed five three pointers during the game against West Carteret. He also has a high free throw percentage like his favorite player. Jacques is shooting a good seventy-three from the line. But this shooting ability can’t come from just watching Allen. Jacques has spent countless hours in the gym shooting free-throws and perfecting his jump shot.

When asked who he was being recruited by, Jacques responded with “I don’t even know, Coach handles all that stuff.” The star basketball player is being recruited by numerous places though. St. Augustine’s College in Raleigh has shown interest, as well as Belmont Abbey College in Charlotte. Either way, Jacques has many options, and a bright future. Jacques said that if he could go anywhere to play basketball it would be the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as Jacques is a die hard Tarheels fan.

“We are proud of his hard work!” said Boy’s Varsity Basketball coach Dexter Williams. Jacques has shown that he has what it takes to excel as an athlete, dedication and hard work. The rising star’s labors are coming to fruit, and the only directionJacques is going is up.

Reported by Andrew Turner