Me llamo Fredenburg

Posted on December 12, 2011


How could so much Hispanic culture fill one classroom?  Ms. Fredenburg keeps her classroom a little crazy, but that is what makes it unique. Hispanic heritage posters and Spanish labels on almost everything bring her room to life with the Latin culture. “Her classroom is much different than any other classroom in the school, it’s an exciting room,” says Nick Zimarino, a senior.

“Her class is pure entertainment,” says Ms. Horner.  To learn a different language can be definitely hard and aggravating sometimes, so it is important to keep the students eager to learn it.  From what she hears among the students, Ms Horner also says that there is never a dull moment in Ms. Fredenburg’s room.

Drew Murray, a senior, says, “The skits are always a fun way to learn vocabulary.”

Ms. Fredenburg really shows her youthfulness with the summer trips that the Spanish department organizes for each summer.  Ms. Fredenburg believes it is a great way to travel and see the world.  They all work very hard to make the trips happen: “There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that goes into planning a trip abroad with students,” says Ms. Horner.

Ms. Fredenburg is excited to go on the adventures with Croatan students.  Ms. Horner notices that Ms. Fredenburg is always “thrilled to cross some things off her bucket list.  Like climbing the pyramid steps of Chichen Itza in Mexico, seeing the ruins of Machu Picchu at sunrise in Peru, going on an Ecotour of Costa Rica, and many more.”

“All the teachers were so fun on the trips, and weren’t uptight,” says Nick.

Whether you have Ms. Fredenburg in the classroom, participate in one of the clubs she runs, or go on a foreign summer trip, you will enjoy her fun and energetic personality.

Reported by Nicole Hebert