Tim Tebow: MVP?

Posted on December 12, 2011


NFL’s top two quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, have passer ratings of 125.3 and 105.9.  Tim Tebow, the new quarterback for the Denver Broncos, has a passer rating of 85.9 in his two year career.  This may not look very impressive, but do stats really tell you everything?

Tim Tebow, number 15, gets a few throws in while warming up for a game with the Denver, Broncos.

Tim Tebow, age 24, played for the Florida Gators in college where they won two NCAA National Championships and Tebow was the first ever sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy.  When he was picked up into the NFL some might have been surprised, and now after his two years of playing quarterback for the Broncos; Tebow is still surprising people.

The Broncos’ record before Tebow started for them was one and four.  Their record now with Tebow is seven and five, and the Broncos are leading their division.

Hunter Sutton, senior, says, “Tebow is the man!”

Sam Wyche, the former Cincinnati Bengals head coach and broadcaster had something to say about Tebow before he was drafted:

“[Tebow] will probably spend one year as a backup, be included in the offense on a limited basis. I predict in year two, he’ll be somebody’s starting quarterback on a winning team.  Ten years from now we’ll be talking about, ‘How many years now has Tebow been in the Pro Bowl?’”

Wyche is just one of many people who believe in Tebow,  but there are many others who do not have faith in him and think not only that he shouldn’t be in the NFL and that he is mixing religion with football.

Tom Krattenmaker, author of Onward Christian Athletes: Turning Ballparks into Pulpits and Players into Preachers said, “The Fellowship of Christian Athletes goes back to the ’50s. But Tebow seems to have taken it to an extra level of intensity.”

Some people believe in separation of church and the state, while others believe in separation of church and football.

But if mixing religion with football is working so well for Tebow and the Broncos then why try to change something that’s working?

Fox News’ Greg Couch said, “Keep trying to explain Tebow if you like. But whatever numbers and acronyms you come up with, make sure this is among them: MVP.”

Reported by Rachel Brazda

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