Today’s Teens Lazier Than Ever

Posted on December 12, 2011


            Carly goes home, and lies down on her bed. She reaches over, grabs her laptop off the nightstand, and proceeds to spend three hours on Facebook. Afterwards, she eats a burger, fries, and Coke for dinner, and goes to bed. This is her typical after-school routine, and it is not good for her at all. Unfortunately, many other teens in the country do the same thing as Carly. They leave school, come home, and are lazy for the rest of the afternoon. With obesity rates rising, this is a quickly becoming a frightening epidemic.    

Teens are LAZY.

Since the rising of popular technology such as internet, cell phones, and iPods, today’s teens are becoming more and more inactive. Whereas twenty years ago, a group of kids may have gone to the park or bike riding after school, now, all they do is sit around vegetating. Doctors and fitness professionals are becoming increasingly concerned about the issue of teen laziness, and it’s high time to start doing something about it.

            A recent survey conducted here at Croatan revealed that both male and female teens in attendance spend at least half their time sleeping when they aren’t at school. Inactive teens have proven to be more prone to diseases than teens who get the recommended amount of exercise. Does this mean that Croatan students are going to be spending a lot of time sick and fat? If we don’t step it up, then it looks like the answer is yes.

            Although an unfortunate number of students fall into this deathly pattern, Vicky Garner-McGraw is an exception. “I spend a lot of time outdoors riding my bike, walking around, and other things like that,” she says. When asked who she likes to spend time outside with, she says “my brother Travis or my friends. We always have fun together.” Vicky is also an avid animal lover and enjoys walking around in natural environments to catch a glimpse of some of them. It’s clear that she realizes the importance of exercise and getting out of the house every now and then.

            Many students at Croatan frequently use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites for communication. Instead of making a phone call or writing a letter, now all you have to do to talk to someone is lift up the laptop screen and type away. While this is extremely convenient and leisurely, it also causes teens to be lazy and spend a lot more time talking to others about drama rather than actually being productive.

            Instead of being on the computer all day, get out and have fun! Take a walk on the beach, ride around on your skateboard, play some football, do something. The world offers us such a vast array of activities, and it makes no sense for us to not take advantage of them.

            If we do not take a stand for our health, we are quickly going to become nothing more than coach potatoes who hang around doing absolutely nothing all day. We will be out of work and upset over our situation… so why not put a stop to this problem now, and make sure our nightmares do not come true?

Reported by Logan Haithcock