A day in the life of a Hunger Games fanatic

Posted on December 13, 2011


Katniss Everdeen started off as a poor girl in district twelve but is now known as The Girl on Fire. She stays busy captivating the soul of the audience as she pierces arrows through our heart while Peeta, her partner in crime, motivates and persuades with his alluring words.

Katniss, the main character

The Hunger Games trilogy is more than a big hit-and with each chapter comes a new obstacle.

“Reading The Hunger Games is as addictive (and as violently simple) as playing one of those shoot-it-if-it moves videogames in the lobby of the local eightplex; you know it’s not real, but you keep plugging in quarters anyway,” stated author Stephen King in a review of the trilogy.

The Hunger Games is the name of the first book in the trilogy followed by Catching Fire and Mockingjay for the second and third.

Senior Jacob Springfield stated that the first book was “Number one, the best!” but the following two were also must reads.

The first book introduces our main character, Katniss Everdeen, who resides in the nation of Panem, which was created in the futuristic world after North America was destroyed.  Panem is run by the Capitol city which is in what we consider the Rocky Mountains now-and each year the Capitol takes two tributes between the ages of twelve and eighteen (one boy and one girl) from each district to fight to the death until there is only one survivor left.

The Capitol televises this event and finds the games a fun event.

Katniss automatically becomes the character to fall in love with when she volunteers as tribute in place of her twelve-year old sister, Prim, in the drawing of the 74th Hunger games.

Her fellow tribute is Peeta Mellark-the baker’s son who once gave Katniss bread for her starving family.

Peeta and Katniss are thrown into the arena with Haymitch, a former winner of the Hunger Games, as their mentor. They decide to fool the Capitol by playing the role of “star-crossed lovers.”       Cinna, Katniss’s stylist, turns Katniss into the Girl on Fire and the Capitol audience automatically beings to fall in love with her. But is it enough to over-throw the awful games?

The book is full of anticipation, suspense, and enthralling action. Though it is a bit violent, it’s extremely hard to put down.

When the end of the book comes, Katniss finds a way to defy the Capitol in one of the most embarrassing ways possible-which sets the plot for the other two books.

“I would absolutely, one hundred percent, recommend these books,” replied Jacob. “And I would definitely read them again.”

The first movie will be coming out May 23, 2012, with Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta.

Graduates of Croatan, Meagan Golden and Ashton Knippenberg, received the pleasure of being extras in the first movie.

“I thought the experience was amazing,” replied Meagan, “Everything about it was new to me, which I loved. I also loved how I got to call Stanley Tucci, Josh Hutcherson, and Lenny Kravitz and everyone co workers.”

While some people think it’s below them to read a book-take the time to experience such an amazing, exciting futuristic realm.

Maybe, you too, will fall in love with the Girl on Fire.




Reported by Courtney Hines