Let’s go on a run!

Posted on December 13, 2011


Everyone knows that running keeps you in shape, relieves stress, and lowers blood pressure. But scientists recently discovered another benefit of running. Believe it or not, running makes you smarter!

By running for thirty minutes a day, one will become smarter. It improves your brain from the inside out. It leads to faster and more accurate decision making, yields great productivity, and inspires innovation. 

Running: beneficial to the brain?

Running helps grow new brain cells; this causes one to have a much better memory. By running daily your brain becomes “younger.” It will slow down memory loss and even into your eighties you will be able to remember an immense amount of knowledge. An average seventy or eighty year old forgets things very often, but a seventy or eighty year old that goes on little jogs will remember a whole lot more than the average senior citizen. If Alzheimer’s is in their genes then they are less likely to develop this disease if they run daily.

The brain starts to lose nerve tissue at age thirty. If an adult continues to run in their thirties the brain will lose nerve tissue at a much slower rate versus an adult that does not run. If adults run their memory will stay “young.”

Neuroscientists at Cambridge University have shown that running stimulates the brain and has a big impact on mental ability. A few days of running leads to the growth of hundreds of thousands of new brain cells. 

Cross Country runner Mary Stegall agrees with these new findings. Stegall says “Running does benefit your brain because I know that I remember a lot more stuff after a good run.” Many of the cross country runners agree with this: they say they feel refreshed after a run. Not only does it improve their memory, it relieves a lot of built up stress as well.

As a teacher of AP calculus Mr. Mayo is a very smart man. Maybe this somehow links to him running daily? Mr. Mayo goes on long treacherous runs every day.  “My short runs are usually around four miles. Usually my once a week long runs are anywhere from ten to twenty-six miles” says Mayo. I bet everyone’s jaw dropped after reading that. Yeah, he definitely runs quite a lot. Mayo agrees that running improves your memory. He says “the findings don’t surprise me.” 

The findings don’t surprise many. Running is great for your health in probably every possible way. Not only does it relieve stress and keeps you in shape it makes you smarter!

So if you need a higher grade in Algebra, or if you just want to improve your memory, start going on a daily run. You don’t have to run twenty miles like Mr. Mayo, but running a mile or two will really help. You will definitely see a difference.

Reported by Alexis Skiba

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