Smiles, Coffee, and Sweat

Posted on December 14, 2011


The energizer bunny of Croatan, Mr. Westmoreland is sure to brighten anybody’s day with his upbeat outlook on life.  He has worked at the high school for nine years, being involved in several different departments.  He plays a major role in the band and winter guard, he taught teen living and interior design, and last year he decided to go down a new path and became the career development coordinator for Croatan.

So why did he move out of teaching?  “There’s a point when you feel you are doing all you could do to help the students,” and he was ready for the “next steps.”  As a career development coordinator he does a lot of paper work, course assists with internships, helps students make career decisions, and is involved with dual enrollment.  Nowadays businesses and jobs require students to have completed a thing called the work keys, and it is a part of Mr. Westmoreland’s job to make sure students get the most out of the experience.

Mr. Westmoreland

As a high school student, Mr. Westmoreland’s interests and heart were in the “Band, band, band!!”  He has worked with bands and winter guards across the southeast of the U.S. for thirty years.  He loves writing the choreography for the different bands and guard performances.  “I have always been a band addict, and still am a band addict!”

After high school he was not in a rush for college, because he was happy working for bands.  It is said when a great opportunity is offered, never overlook it.  Mr. Westmoreland is a great example of this.  He was called by the band director of Western Carolina to work with the band, and in return they offered him a scholarship.  “Divine Intervention!  It was one of those moments in your life where you say yes, and go for it,” says Mr. Westmoreland.

A man of many “addictions,” from coffee to Oprah, Mr. Westmoreland has a number of positive habits that keep him going.  Not only does he drink a pot and a half of coffee a day but he drinks it “black, bitter, and evil.”  He is also addicted to the Oprah Network, and believes everyone should watch the Super Soul on Sundays.  “It is inspirational and moving.  It is incredible,” Mr. Westmoreland describes.

He also has a passion for music, and thinks it is a great source for motivation.  He is pumped by the music played as he works out during the Body Attack class at Gold’s Gym.  “When I go to the gym I am not there to play around, I am there to sweat it out.”  Mr. Westmoreland is definitely self motivated and a very determined person.  “Burn, baby burn,” he jokes as he talks about the intense workout.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the whole school wore overalls on Fridays?   Mr. Westmoreland wants everybody to join in on his “Farmer Fridays.”  How did this weekly overall look ever come to be?  Well, it all started years ago, during homecoming week when they had to dress as their favorite cartoon character.  He came as Elroy Jetson and wore jean overalls as part of his costume.  “They were so comfortable,” he decided to wear them every Friday ever since.

Whether Mr. Westmoreland is helping a person find careers, or teaching the marches to the band, you can’t help but fall in love with his fun and amazingly sweet personality.  The impact he has on students and staff never fails to leave you with a smile.

Reported by Nicole Hebert