Top 10 Articles of the Year

Posted on December 19, 2011


Since September, we have been striving to deliver you accurate, relevant, and interesting articles here at the Cougar Print. As 2011 comes to a close, we wondered: What were the audience’s favorite articles? Which articles got the most views? What do YOU like? We decided to go behind-the-scenes and find out with our statistic software.

Top Articles

  1. The first semi-formal homecoming dance at Croatan was this past October, leaving us with much to talk about. Tiffany Johnson’s article Get Down Tonight was a huge hit and withholds the title of our “Number One Top Post”: 635 views! This article talks about not only the DJ, dresses, dancing, and fun that will be at the dance; but also how the students felt about the homecoming dance being on a Saturday.

    Top Read Articles

  2. An article that got viewers reading was Bullying. Bullying is an issue that teens around the world deal with everyday. Sarah Braun, author of the ‘Ask Sarah’ advice columns, wrote this article in response to the question: “I’m being bullied. At home, at school, everywhere! What do I do?” This article is our number two post with 409 views!
  3. One of the most recent articles, Kyla Hebb Meets Taylor Swift written by Rachel Brazda has only been published a couple weeks and has already skyrocketed to our number three post with 248 views! Kyla Hebb, a Junior, won the Taylor Swift look alike contest and received free concert tickets and backstage passes to meet Swift along with her sister Morgan Radford.
  4. Everyone knows the most cherished week of the school year: Spirit Week! Spirit Week is a week where students can dress up all week depending on the day’s theme, whether it is Senior Citizen Day, Opposite Day, Celebrity Day, Pajama Day, or Spirit Day. But there’s also competition involved. The freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors compete for spirit points. This year, Five cheers for Spirit Week by Kayeleigh Hardy showed the excitement that students and teachers had prior to the week-long event. This was rated our number four article with 220 views!
  5. We play against our rival school West Carteret in multiple sports; but the rivalry and spirit of basketball season is incomparable to football, swimming, or wrestling. This year, Croatan beat West Carteret in Varsity Boys Basketball both home and away. After the first game against WCHS, Kayeleigh Hardy wrote our number five article Patriots back for more? with 204 views, which talked all about the rivalry on the court and also the rivalry between the Croatan Crazies and Patriot Militia.
  6. Teen Issues. Something that all high school students experience. Kylie Wright, who writes the “Teen Issue” articles wrote the number six article, Will you go out with me? This article discusses the ups and down’s of high school relationships. It is our number six article with 195 views.
  7. Many people don’t define Cheerleading as a “sport,” but when Carlie Adams, freshman on the Junior Varisty Cheerleading squad was named ‘Athlete of the Week’ it seemed to turn a lot of heads. This “Athlete of the Week” article, Croatan Cheerleader Shows the Cougar Spirit by Andrew Turner is our number seven post with 188 views.
  8. Seniors are shocked. They can’t believe it’s already their senior year, and they can’t wait to get out of here! As many are rushing to graduate and grow up, they are complaining, a lot. Senior Gabrielle Hill wrote Seniors– Want some cheese with that wine? which was out number eight article with 173 views. Many graduates seemed to enjoy the article, and one even requested the school print off this article for every senior!
  9. As we mentioned before, Spirit Week is an exciting time. On opposite day, the second day of spirit week, we took pictures from throughout the course of the day. The Most Confusing Day of the Year is a slideshow of pictures from that day put together by Tanner Simon and is our number nine post with 161 views.
  10. Last but not least, our number ten post. Every year, the senior class votes on Senior Superlatives. Caleb Carpenter was voted “Most Attractive.” A Day in the Life of the School’s Most Attractive by Courtney Hines is an article of the “A Day in the Life” articles and is our number ten post with 154 views.

Reported by Tanner Simon

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