Top Female and Male Artist of the Year

Posted on January 3, 2012


As the 2011 year is coming to a close, all musicians of course want to be the Artist of the Year. Unfortunately, that can’t happen. This has been one of the best years for the music industry, with many new voices and veterans coming out with their best albums yet. But the two people who have made the best impact on their fans are Adele, Female Artist of the Year, and Lil Wayne, Male Artist of the Year.

Adele models in a photoshoot

Adele, Female Artist of the Year, came into the music industry this year with her unique British style. With her very distinctive vocals, she has continued to please her original fans, and gained more fans in the process. Although having to cancel a tour because of throat issues, she has still managed to be on the top. Adele has been nominated for ninety- two awards and has won thirty six. A clever thing she does is naming her albums her age when she puts them out; for example, 21 was put out when she was 21. Also, Adele is very different from other Pop stars, setting herself apart and not wanting to look like everybody else. Her music is actually something to listen and relate to, and she does not write about sex or other things trivial. She sings her heart out at all of her concerts, and puts her all into them. Her album 21 spent 13 weeks at number one, and that also makes her one of the best females.

Lil Wayne performing "Nightmares of the Bottom

Lil Wayne, Male Artist of the Year, came back this year with another Carter album and it became the biggest album of the summer. Carter IV sold over one million copies in the first week. Wayne continues to give his fans the music that they want to hear, along with the beats to go with them. Wayne went on 69 tours this year, making him the artist to go on the most tours. Whether you know him by Tunechi, Weezy F, Baby, or  Mr. Carter, he will still be worth $85 million and has been named one of the richest rappers in the game. Being in the music industry since he was nine also makes him know what music to make for his fans to listen to. Lil Wayne’s Carter IV went platinum and was featured on Billboards Hot 100 list, along with three of his hit singles in the Top Five. Carter IV also spent two weeks at number one. Wayne also received Best Performance of the Year for one of his hit singles “Nightmares of the Bottom.”

Reported by Alex Brimmer

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