Top Ten Most Embarrassing Moments

Posted on January 6, 2012


We have all experienced that extreme discomfort associated with the loss of our dignity: embarrassment.

Whether it’s the notorious falling down the stairs or leaving the restroom with your skirt tucked in your tights, it’s more or less embarrassing when you look up and notice that everyone else has already noticed and sometimes, it even stings your soul.

Some people declare they’re never embarrassed, but come on. When the whole cafeteria witnesses you trip over an invisible obstacle, you either laugh it off or become as red as a tomato-there’s normally no in-betweens.

So, nearing the end of 2011 (Woot-woot!), multiple students were interviewed about their most embarrassing moments of the year. If you’re reading this, I know exactly why you’re here (to bond over the loss of our dignity.) Let’s begin, shall we?
10. “I hit Trevor’s car in the school parking lot. Yeah, that was pretty embarrassing.”
Lauren Wilson, 18
9. “It was our fifth round in the volleyball game and I went to hit the ball in a really important play and not only did I not score a point, but it went twenty feet out of bounds.”
Karly Stevens, 16

8. “It would be a tie between realizing my zipper was down after I stood in front of the class for the duration of my whole French presentation and stalling out in my car at the intersection in front of the school.”
Kyla Hebb, 17
7. “I used my best friend’s brother’s nose hair trimmer. That was embarrassing to admit to myself and even more embarrassing when she told her mom.”
Anonymous, Female, 17
6. “The most embarrassing moment of the year was when Morgan Comer, Courtney Hines, and I were sitting at the picnic tables outside. The three of us were sitting on one side and Mitchell Melkonian was sitting on the opposite side. When Mitch stood up, there was a brief time period where all was pleasant before the picnic table completely flipped over knocking the three of us and all of our food to the ground.”
Jacob Springfield, 17
5. “I was on a dinner date at Olive Garden and after dinner, when we went to the car, I stated I was cold. My now boyfriend said ‘let me warm you up’ and as he was busy leaning in for the kiss, I was too busy wondering when he was going to turn the seat warmer on. I didn’t realize what he meant until I got home.”
Anonymous, Female, 17

4. “I was at my first job and I was being really nice to a customer by saying ‘Can I help you with anything, ma’am?’ She looked up at me like I was dumb and said, ‘Girl, I work here.’”
Chelsea Adams, 21
3.  “I fell down an entire flight of stairs in front of 1,000,000 people. It was pretty much awful-I cried.”
Maddie Pake, 16
2. “I was at work, texting, when my boss came across the corner and said, ‘What’s up pookie?’ I was really confused because I had just sent my boyfriend a text that said, ‘No pookie,’ and it was almost kind of weird until it hit me that I didn’t send the text to my boyfriend, but to my boss.”
Ashlynn Stone, 17
1. “I was playing rummikub (a game where knowing your colors is essential) with my friend, Todd, and I kept picking on him for losing. Come to find out, he was color blind. I felt so bad.”
Amanda Burns, 18

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            Now that you’ve laughed a little and subconsciously made fun of the gray faces and the people who actually had the courage to allow their name under their embarrassing moments, be careful, because karma isn’t always nice. So remember, always check that your zipper is zipped, check and double check your rear view mirrors, and know your co-workers!

Reported by Courtney Hines