Tootles to my Readers

Posted on January 10, 2012


I’m usually not good with goodbyes, and I think it’s corny to say “see you soon.” However, this will be my last column for the Cougar Print since we are entering the second semester. As a result, the Print will not be considered a class anymore and there will be no new postings.
As a senior, the journalism class has made me want to continue to strengthen my writing skills in college, and further my knowledge of the journalism field. The class has made me more in tune with news of all branches, and has helped me enjoy writing a lot more than before.
The class takes on a new genre of writing that’s different than usual English classes. We are like a team with a collaborative effort to make the newspaper a success that is enforced with crucial deadlines.

It has been a memorable experience working with the Cougar Print that I wish did not have to end. It was especially interesting one week when we all talked in British accents, and worked on projects. I tried every week to publish an article that was interesting, as well as entertaining to read. Since it is a high school paper, some of my options were limited, but once I started writing it became easier to relate things to teenage life.
My most memorable article was called ‘Havoc in the hallways.’ I’m really proud of this article, because it is the first time my personality spoke in my writing. Usually, I wrote about the factual news, but in this article I chose to have fun with it. I gave ridiculous suggestions to surviving the challenging hallways, which was entertaining for my readers.
I’m sure next semester I will continuously think of ideas that would be perfect for the Cougar Print, and wish I was still on the staff to get the privilege. I hope there is still a Journalism class for future years, so students can grow as writers and be informed as readers.
So rather than saying “goodbye” or “see you soon,” I wish all my readers good luck with exploring news.

By Kayeleigh Hardy

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