Where is the “Good” in Goodbye?

Posted on January 10, 2012


Walking into journalism, I had no idea what I was doing. My grammar and spelling were crazy and I didn’t know how to have a strong voice in my writing. I second guessed myself on everything I wrote and didn’t know what to do. As time went on though, I listened to all the critiques of my articles and now I am a better writer. I take honor for what I write and I put myself into my writing more than I ever have before. 
            Not only did I improve my grammar and spelling, but also my ability to interact with people. Most people have a problem walking up to others and asking questions, but because of journalism it now comes naturally. Another thing I learned throughout the semester is that you should always love feedback on your writing. No matter what the comment was, I praised it. Mean comments are better than no comments. Along with the great feedback you get, the adventures you go through are fun.
            I fondly remember doing the photo essays. We decided to photograph the inside of people’s trunks. Being able to see what is in someone’s trunk is very funny and interesting. I found out so much about the person just by doing this. The best memory has to be when our number of viewers grew. It showed people were actually reading our paper and that meant a lot to all of us.
            For all the ones who read my articles, I hope you all understood what I was saying, and what I thought you should do. I know it’s hard to take advice on relationships when I’m single most of the time, but that’s because I don’t think dating is what I need to be focused on. I hope you all enjoyed my answers I got from my interviewers and loved the advice I gave to you. 
            To everyone who read our paper, I’m sorry we have to end. Just because we don’t write anymore doesn’t mean you should stop reading the news in general. I remember when I thought the same as most teens: News is boring. Now I love it and I am up to date on so many things that are going on. What use to put me to sleep now pulls me in and the same can happen to you.
            The next step though is what I will do next. Considering I’m the baby in the class, the only sophomore, I still have three more English classes to go through. Math and I don’t mix well, so writing and I will always be close. 

by Sarah Braun

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