A Behind the Screens Farewell

Posted on January 12, 2012


Hi, it’s me: the webmaster. Yes, I’m that person that sits behind the computer using my mystical powers to post articles daily and make sure that the Cougar Print page is looking it’s very best.

The semester is coming to a close- and so is my role here at the Cougar Print. Ever since I entered high school, I have wanted to be a journalist. Writing was something I felt I had a natural talent in. I decided to take Journalism as a step towards that dream I was chasing. After endless nights, intimidating interviews, and scrounging for knowledge of sports while writing “Athlete of the Week”, that dream fell apart- fast. That is how I ended up being the Webmaster.

Webmaster Tanner Simon

Even though I realized writing isn’t my forte, I did gain a lot from this class. I learned knowledge, social skills, and even how to run a website. I also learned people aren’t always as open when it comes to interviews. Before Journalism, I didn’t even pay attention to the news. I thought it was stupid. Now whenever I see a newspaper, I grab it and I’m immediately interested in it. Personally, I believe this class was nothing but a huge benefit to me.

So, what’s next? How am I going to pack up everything I’ve learned in this class and take it with me in the future? Well, instead of writing for a newspaper, I am thinking of maybe pursuing something along the lines of broadcast journalism. This form of reporting is not all writing, but also uses the same skills I’ve learned during my time at the Cougar Print.

Trust me, if I didn’t have to stop being the webmaster- I wouldn’t. This time next semester, I will be enjoying the luxuries of Honors Chemistry instead.

To all the writers at the Cougar Print: I will miss working with all of you. Its been inspiring to watch you all work hard and see the passion in your work. This school newspaper has been said to be the “best yet,” and that didn’t just happen on it’s own. You are all some of the most determined and focused students and writers I know.

To Mrs. Robinson: You have been beyond amazing. If you haven’t worked just as hard as the writers, you’ve worked harder. I have thought this since the first week of journalism when you declared you are not a journalism major and that you don’t know much about it. Because right after you said that, you began teaching about news values and style as if you had been studying it all your life- which says a lot.

To the readers: I always keep you in mind. And without you, there would be no Cougar Print.

Written by Tanner Simon

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