Bye, Journalism!

Posted on January 12, 2012


Laughs, constructive criticism, and an amazing online newspaper: the 2011-2012 Journalism course was one of my favorite classes I’ve had in my high school career.  Entering this class, I could only guess that we would write a lot, and write only.  I was completely wrong with that judgment.  Not only did we learn to write better, but we learned different styles of articles, how to organize an article, all about being a journalist, and life and career skills.  For only being an elective class, I have learned a lot about journalism as a career, and it has been beneficial for my interviewing and writing skills.

At first we had to choose the type of article and the topic we wanted to write about.  I would never know what to write or how to write it.  Ideas did not come to very easily to me in the writing sense.  I was a major victim of writer’s block.  I now am overflowing with creative ideas and topics to write about.  A few weeks in we were all given specific jobs; I was given the beat of teacher profiles.  This meant I was going to have to do a lot of interviews.  I remember in the first weeks of this class, one of the things we learned about was how to give a proper interview.  Mrs. Robinson had us prepare an interview for her, so we could have the opportunity to practice as a class.  For some reason the idea of asking people, or teachers, about their personal life made me very nervous.  As I did more and more interviews, I became more comfortable and actually enjoyed doing them.  It changed from something I was sort of anxious about to something that was just fun.  I really loved talking and getting to know the staff and the different things they do at Croatan.  It was my chance to get out information that students would never know about some of their favorite teachers.

The article I am most proud of would be “Baby on Board,”  an article about Mrs. Olander, giving some information about her soon to be pregnancy, art class, and activities she does outside of school.  I think this is my favorite article, because it was the only article that I really used a indirect lead for and made the introduction very interesting and creative.  I am very proud of all the articles I wrote, and the caricatures of each teacher that I wrote about.  It was also enjoyable to read my classmates articles as well.  A lot of the people in my journalism class are very talented in the fact they know exactly how to make an article interesting and a good read.


Our class had a special bond, and this learning experience was awesome.  I will miss the class very much.


Reported by Nicole Hebert

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