Goodbye, and Good Luck

Posted on January 12, 2012


Well readers, this is my last article of the year. I have had a blast sharing all of my different topics with you. From Presidential Candidates, to Croatan athletes, my articles certainly ran the gamut. I hope that  my writing not only informed you, but entertained you. Too often these days do you hear of people saying that “news is boring.” Well, I hope that I made it the opposite of that.

 I certainly have enjoyed every moment of writing I have done. Even when the writing became challenging, it was still fun. Of course there were plenty of memorable moments that entertained us writers in class. I think that many of us would agree that our visit from journalist Cheryl Burke was one of the most memorable. Her words certainly gave us an interesting perspective on journalism and its role in society. We also shared many laughs and other memorable moments during our work. Our class strived to bring interesting news to the students of Croatan. We learned and grew together, and the process has been one that is not to be forgotten.

I have come along way since writing my first article. I hope that I have improved and become the best writer that I can be. I must thank you, the reader, for coming along with me on this journey. Without the reader the newspaper wouldn’t exist. It is you who journalists truly serve. So for reading our paper, we thank you. And with that my friends, I bid you goodbye, and good luck.

Andrew Turner

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