Rachel Brazda, Signing Off

Posted on January 12, 2012


“All good things must come to an end.” -ThorntonWilder

When I signed up for journalism, I’m not going to lie, I took it because I thought it would be a stress free, easy A, with no homework.  I never knew that I was going to learn as much as I did and that I would enjoy it so much.

Journalism, as you may not know, is a completely different style of writing than what you would normally do in your typical English class.  Making the transition to the journalistic style of writing was difficult, but once I completely understood it, it became fun to write my article every week.

When you write for journalism class you are writing for the school newspaper.  This idea initially scared me. I had always written for me, myself, and I; not the entire web population.  With time, and encouragement from Mrs. Robinson as well as my peers, I gained confidence in my work and by the end of the semester I was completely comfortable in publishing my work for people to read.

Journalism has not only taught me how to write journalistically, and to have self-confidence, it has given me experiences that I will take away and always remember.  One thing that sticks out in my memory is when we did a special photo essay story on people’s keys and what you can tell from a person just from looking at their keys.  Kelsey Hernandez and I went walking around Wal Mart one day after school and asked random people if we could take a picture of their keys.  The looks some people gave us made us laugh and we actually met some really cool people.

After taking this class and actually seeing everything that goes behind the news we get everyday, I have gained a whole new respect for journalists and what they do.  I hope what I’ve learned in journalism follows me wherever I go beyond this class because I know that the memories will follow me forever.

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