Starting with Hello, Ending with Goodbye

Posted on January 12, 2012


Today will be the last day of me writing an article for the Cougar Print.  I never liked to write, until I came to journalism and started writing articles for the school. It really has been a great experience to tell students what’s new out there, convincing them to go and try new things.

At the beginning of the year I felt like I was going to fail miserably in this class. Then everything changed the more I wrote. I realized my strengths as a writer near the end. The thing I do best is persuading people to do things. One person who was editing my paper said, “every time I read your articles, it makes me want to go and buy it so I can try it.”

My most memorable moment was when my article about the homecoming dance was still number one months after I wrote it. It’s nice to know people read my articles and share them with friends. Even though this article wasn’t published untill after the homecoming dance had happened, it was still a big hit.
The article I’m most proud of isn’t the homecoming dance;  it’s “Thrills and Chills,” which is about the Nightmare Factory. I used a lot of descriptions to make you feel all the emotions I wanted to express. I just wrote what I felt when I got scared and tried to put it in words so others would feel it too.
Most people will ask, “Are you going to continue writing after this?” I feel like if I do write it will only be in a journal that I write in at night in my bed. A journal nobody sees except me. Writing just isn’t my thing, it’s just not me. On that note I have had a great time in this class, but this will be my final article forever.

Reported by Tiffany Johnson

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