Still undefeated…by one point

Posted on January 12, 2012


Croatan’s basketball team earned another win Tuesday, January 3, 2012 against Northside High School. Although it was their first win of the year, it was not their first win of the season.

Austin Saunders started the game with a three pointer, and Croatan continued to be one point ahead until the second quarter. Scoring was not difficult for the Cougars until the end of third quarter when things became more competitive.

The last 50 seconds of the game were crucial. A one-point lead shifted from CHS to Northside multiple times as each team scored during their possession. With 20 seconds left in the game Aaron Williams made the winning shot, making the score 56 to 55. The team and the Croatan Crazies ran to the middle of the court and chanted “Who’s house? C’s house!”

Their victory was a combination of team effort and “executing the plays that were called out” the best they could.

To prepare for their next game against Northside High School, Ashley Williams, guard for the basketball team, said, “We will work our offense more to be able to make the best out of each possession.”

The Croatan basketball team, with Dexter Williams leading the way, could possibly achieve an undefeated season. “I just want us to play our hardest every time and the results will take care of itself,” says Ashley Williams.

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