Ms. Robinson

Posted on January 17, 2012


Growing up in Carteret County, Mrs. Robinson attended high school at East Carteret.  She took all the AP classes that were offered to her, but she didn’t take calculus because she admits “[She’s] really terrible at math.”  As students, we can tell how intelligent she is from the variety of vocabulary she uses in class.  Tanner Simon, a junior, says, “I can tell with her vocabulary she obviously paid attention in school, and she has a lot of knowledge.” Mr. Robinson, who is also an English teacher and her husband, says that his favorite thing about her as his wife is that she is “uncommonly intelligent, thoughtful, and loving.”

We often get the question, what do you want to be when you grow up?  As a teen, Mrs. Robinson knew exactly what she didn’t want to be: a teacher or a doctor.  It’s hard to believe she didn’t want to be a teacher when she turned out to be such a great one.  “She inspires me to be a better teacher,” says Mr. Robinson. At first she thought it was “probably the worst job in the planet,” but once in college she decided she wanted to make a difference.  “Teaching was a good place to start.  If I could influence young people’s lives and make them think harder and feel deeper, it could make the world a little more compassionate.”

She got her undergraduate degree at UNC Chapel Hill in Comparative Literature, and she minored in Spanish.  She then got her masters degree at UNC Wilmington, where her future husband attended college.  While Mr. Robinson got a job at Croatan, Mrs. Robinson started her career at the alternative school Cape Lookout.  After they had been working for a year, they got married and Mrs. Robinson came to work at Croatan after hearing how great a school it is.

As a Spanish minor, she lived in Xalapa, Mexico for six months, studying literature.  Mrs. Robinson says, “At that point in my life I was really interested in other cultures and I was dedicated to improving my language skills.”  Traveling is something that she really loves doing.  She traveled with her mom when she was younger, and it is something she enjoys doing with Mr. Robinson as well.  Together they have gone to many places in the U.S., spent their honeymoon in Europe, and took a recent vacation to Puerto Rico.

She loves to read books, and it’s something she likes to do in her free time.  Her favorite book changes depending on where she is in her life and what she is studying.   A lot of that free time was taken when she had her son, Forrest, last October.  “He is a little rascal,”  she said jokingly.  She says he is at the stage where he likes to run wildly through the house,  “licking light sockets and standing on the highest objects he can get on. He is a daredevil.”  According to Mrs. Robinson, Forrest is the opposite of what she was as a child. “Forrest is wide open and a little bit rambunctious,” but she describes it as “fun.”  On the weekends they go to the Beaufort Park as a family, and take Forrest on walks and trails in the woods.  Mr. Robinson mentions that his favorite thing to do as a family is “Spontaneous dance parties in the living room, especially when my 15-month-old son drops the beats.”

Whether you have her as an English or Journalism teacher, “she pushes you harder in order to learn as much as you can,” says Tanner.  There are no doubts when you enter her classroom.  Her class is “rigorous, engaging, and rewarding,” says Mr. Robinson.  Not only is her class worthwhile, she is just like one of us with her youthful and fun personality.  Tanner says, “She is a hard working teacher who works just as hard as her students.”

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