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A day in the life of someone who sees it all

January 10, 2012


Brown hair, green eyes, and she breathes sharp cries of laughter. She is a little annoying, but alluring because she smiles a lot. Her foot bounces up and down when she’s mad and she has a scar above her left eye, but I’ve never asked why. When she walks, her shoulders are always pushed back […]

A day in the life of a Hunger Games fanatic

December 13, 2011


Katniss Everdeen started off as a poor girl in district twelve but is now known as The Girl on Fire. She stays busy captivating the soul of the audience as she pierces arrows through our heart while Peeta, her partner in crime, motivates and persuades with his alluring words. The Hunger Games trilogy is more […]

A Day in the Life of a Ginger

December 5, 2011


Out of all of the people roaming the Earth, only two percent are considered the “red-headed step-child.” “Supposedly,” stated sophomore Molly Ellmo, “when we [gingers] were born, the devil took our souls and left us with a fire head, translating into red hair.”    Being a ginger is a rarity- and not far behind an oddity […]

A Day in the Life of the School’s “Most Attractive”

November 21, 2011


             Anticipation built as everyone awaited the decorated names to be hung on the cafeteria wall. The day came and whining arose from the cafeteria crowd like a group of moaning, unhappy animals.                The senior superlatives had been posted and before you could […]

A Day in the Life of a Hopeless Romantic

November 14, 2011


             Once upon a time, in a world so small and unique, romance thrived and love was an enchanted fairytale. Now, as Oscar Wilde would say, “Deceiving others-that is what the world calls a romance.”             Currently, still in a world so small and unique, […]

A day in the life of a West Carteret Student

November 9, 2011


West Carteret High School-our biggest rival since the opening of Croatan in 1998. The two football teams are well known for fighting for superiority on the field while the volleyball team fights for the rule of the court. Rivalries are fun, but do some people take them too far? Just recently, Croatan students got framed […]

A day in the life of loving a hero

November 1, 2011


  The ongoing war that has been drug out for nearly nine years has touched and deeply affected America’s heart; but some of the hearts we interact with everyday are broken in a way that cannot be understood.   When certain loved ones are away, it leaves a pain that is easily misplaced and misunderstood- a […]