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Ask Sarah: My Brother Fights for Your Freedom

December 12, 2011


Question: My brother is in the army and he’s been gone for so long now. He was my best friend and now I keep getting sad. What should I do? Answer:  Family members are supposed to be there by your side supporting you throughout your life. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned. I just […]

Ask Sarah: As Soon as Forever Is Through, I’ll Be Over You

December 4, 2011


Question: So my boyfriend and I broke up about two months ago and I must say I miss him. He’s dated other girls but I can’t date anyone, I can’t get over him, and I can’t move on. What do I do?    Answer:             “Can’t” is such a strong word. Let’s make like Thomas the […]

Ask Sarah-“Why hasn’t he called?”

November 21, 2011


Question: I really like this guy. He talks to me a bunch when we are together and then he says he’ll call, but he never follows through. I don’t understand. What should I do? Answer: Many girls and guys have this problem. They wait by their phone, hoping the name of that cutie from around […]

Ask Sarah: Cigarettes Are Killers That Travel In Packs

November 14, 2011


Question:“My mom’s getting on to me about smoking cigarettes. I’m 18, about to graduate, and I’m about to move out. Isn’t it better to smoke cigarettes than drink until I puke?!”  Answer:           Put yourself in her shoes. Watching someone you love and care about make decisions that could ruin his or her whole life is […]

Boyfriend or best friends

November 7, 2011


Question: “I’m dating this guy that everyone thinks is weird. He is really sweet. What should I do?” Answer: Growing up, you started making best friends and as you did this, their opinions became necessary to you. This is why it bothers you so much that they don’t like your boyfriend. Just like everyone, you […]


November 1, 2011


Questions: I’m being bullied. At home, at school, everywhere! What do I do? Answer: One in seven students in grades k-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying, so you’re not alone. Bullying is a big problem and has gotten worse because of all the new technology we have. Being bullied at home […]

Ask Sarah

October 17, 2011


Question: My mom and I haven’t been getting along lately. Is this normal? What do I do? Answer: At a young age your mom would dress you, wash you, tuck you in, and you loved spending time with her, but now you are doing your own thing. You wear what you want, take care of yourself, […]