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The Death of The Internet?

December 11, 2011


           The Senate and the House are currently deliberating on two acts known as Protect IP and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) that would give the government the power to curb and block online piracy websites. The bill would allow copyright holders along with the Department of Justice the power to […]

Barack Obama

December 6, 2011


With the 2012 elections on their way, people are starting to think about the candidates who are currently gathering supporters, getting campaign contributions and debating with their rivals. The race is essentially narrowing down to which Republican candidate is going to run against president Barack Obama.  But is Obama even the best Democrat to run? […]

Black Friday Frenzy

December 5, 2011


Lines out the door in every store, sales everywhere, shoppers running rampant through the aisles trying to find the best buys. I think everyone knows what day this is: it’s Black Friday. Black Friday  is the day after Thanksgiving. Many stores have huge sales that pull people in to buy their products. Although it can […]

The Degradation of Politics

November 27, 2011


Wind the clocks back two years to the bright days of 2009; Congressional approval ratings were at the highest they’ve been since they were elected, and the President’s approval rating was at an all-time high. Hope was still in the air for the young president and the fresh Democratic congress. Since the days after 2010, […]

Opinion: Mud Flying

November 14, 2011


It appears as if we could have another “Bill Clinton” scandal on our hands. Herman Cain, Republican candidate, has recently faced sexual assault allegations from two women.  Cain completely denied the allegations. He stated that one of the allegations was a misunderstanding and the other woman he had never even heard of. He blamed the […]

Barack Battles Bulge

November 7, 2011


Barack Obama was reported to be smoke free last week. The president underwent a physical conducted by Dr. Jefferey Kuhlman. However, the president did admit that he is only 95% tobacco free. He said that he still “messes up sometimes.” It sounds like he needs another piece of Nicorette. The president measured in at 6’1” […]

Stimulation or Simulation?

November 1, 2011


Barack Obama’s stimulus package recently added to our national debt. The package cost the nation over $3.2 billion total. Some help, huh? The cost came from a recent addition to a tax sheet that allowed for taxpayers to select an education tax credit. The credit, referred to as the American Opportunity Tax Credit, allows for […]