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Smiles, Coffee, and Sweat

December 14, 2011


The energizer bunny of Croatan, Mr. Westmoreland is sure to brighten anybody’s day with his upbeat outlook on life.  He has worked at the high school for nine years, being involved in several different departments.  He plays a major role in the band and winter guard, he taught teen living and interior design, and last […]

Me llamo Fredenburg

December 12, 2011


How could so much Hispanic culture fill one classroom?  Ms. Fredenburg keeps her classroom a little crazy, but that is what makes it unique. Hispanic heritage posters and Spanish labels on almost everything bring her room to life with the Latin culture. “Her classroom is much different than any other classroom in the school, it’s […]

Baby on Board

November 23, 2011


With labels on all the cabinets and art tools, Ms. Olander is one to be organized and tidy, but her classroom itself is a wild jungle of artwork.  There’s art on all the walls, the ceiling, and even paint splatters on the desks and floors.  Take a deep breath, and it smells like acrylics and freedom.  It is […]

Not so Short

November 17, 2011


Have you ever wondered about all that a counselor does for a school?  Ms Zimarino says counselors have a lot on their hands: “crisis intervention, when kids come in with problems, they listen, they help with testing, communicate with outside resources, deal with attendance, scheduling, and several other things.”  Without counselors it would be almost impossible for […]

McDougle: Baldness and Basketball

November 9, 2011


Being a history teacher, you would think that Mr. McDougle would have been a quiet, good student.  In high school he said he got bad grades and spent many Saturdays in in-school suspension:  “I never pictured myself as an educator.”  He describes himself as having been the “typical dumb jock,” playing football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, and […]

Everything but a Hound Dog

October 27, 2011


Hound Dog. Is it a who? Or is it a what?  Any dictionary would inform you that a hound dog is “any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large droopy ears.”  For Croatan, the definition would be different. This is an interesting nickname for our sweet custodian James Nelson Smallwood.  He definitely […]

A teacher for Croatan or West?

October 20, 2011


Brand new faces fill our school every year.  Who are they? What made them come here?  These are questions we usually ask ourselves when a new teacher arrives.  It is always a pleasure to get new teachers and add diversity.  We have new teachers in science, math, and history. There is also a new special-ed […]